No matter what your problem may be, flat fleet, high arches, pronation, bunions, plantar facetious, hammer toes, over-pronaton, vague knee, hip, back pain, or supination. SBS Sports Balance System, by The Foot Foundation can make sense of all this, and provide a custom solution just for you.
Our exclusive, patented pronation measuring method, gives you the ability to bring focus to any issue with feet, pain, and balance. Just like eye glasses bring focus to eyes. One footed dynamic testing is the key to understanding the cause and effect of balance.
This approach shines a new light on things we have never considered before and will provide you with a whole new and improved balance in all your favorite sports, day to day activities, or at work.
This process is quick, easy, and you can do this for yourself. Its only right when it feels good, and only you know where that is. Like going to the eye doc they ask you when your eyes are in focus. balance works the same way.

Its not about arch support any about where you balance best!! Let us help you find it.

Buy self testing kit now to get started.