Foot foundation now in golf!

The SBS system is front-end alignment for your feet, making your body symmetrical with your equipment. No matter if you are an advanced or beginner skier, carving will never feel so easy. With proper balance you will start working with your skis and not against them. Read More  
If you are in the habit of spending time balancing on one foot at the time, the SBS system is the key to you thoroughly enjoying this time. The SBS technology can provide the most effective position for your foot to be in while gliding on concrete, snow or ice. Read More
With the perfect alignement from the hip to the pedal, the knee will track straighter, the ankle will spin more freely. Hill climbs will melt away and pushing the big cookie will never feel so easy. the dynamic Neutral positioning process is the best friend of "The Spin"
Shifting body weight from foot to foot may seem simple, but it requires invidual leg balance and proper body alignment for a smooth transition. the SBS isole is customized for each leg, giving you complete control for a smooth, accurate and powerful swing every time. Read More
Shims Self testing kit