• Hernán "Tito" Franco - AADIDES Ski Intructor. 21 years teaching in the US, Europe and South America - SKIMAX Director, Bariloche, Argentina

    "The SBS system is simple, efficient and accesible. The alignment improvement is perceived immediately. It generates settle and efficient changes. I have personally tested the shims and have recommended them to my clients. The results have been very positive!"
  • Paul Mavrovic - CISSP - Netlogic Security, LLC

    "I have been using a full function footbed from the foot foundation for several years now and it empowers me to be able to lay down near perfect high speed carve turns on fresh groomers. There is nothing like the feeling you get when everything stacks up hat right and you are able to hook up turn after turn without any compromise in speed and power archived in the turn. I have also found that the product has assistedy ability to ski bumps and steeps with more confidence then ever before. No matter what level skier you are and if you have never been able to find that right level of edge control you need due to possible misalignment, you will find your balance through the use of this product and proper coaching to harness the new found balance."

    No matter if you are hiking, biking, walking, running, golfing, skiing etc. there is one common element required in any sport, and that is BALANCE. Your feet dictate how well you balance. The world's best athelets in every sport are born with great feet. The rest of the world struggles with them.  SBS® simply levels the plain field by positioning your feet in a symmetric, neutral position inside any shoe that will improe your balnce and in any sport.  Allowing you to enjoy the same relaxed and powerful position, that "Gifted athletes" were born with.