Figure Skaters can edge, spin, turn and jump better!

Listen to this skater describe how she felt after using the FootFoundation Neutral Balance Point Wedges in her skates during a practice session at Adult Nationals (AN) recently in Marlborough, Mass!  

We had great success at AN discovering so many skaters attending the competition who balanced better with our corrective wedges!!

Treatment and Prevention

                      Prevention is KEY

Treatment: Over-pronation can be treated conservatively (non-surgical treatments) with our patented orthotics. 

 Orthotics should be designed with appropriate arch support,but not too much or your foot loses the ability to compress naturally at the arch negating the proprioceptive system from activating, leading to a loss of (propriception) balance.

Orthotics with proper arch support and measured full foot medial posting will control overpronation of the foot. 

by Eric Ward

    One way to correct pronation for alpine sports and skating is to install shims between your feet inside the boots. Shims counter pronation and are used by most of the world's top skaters and snowboarders. And it's not only racers who use shims. Many skate shops, particularly in Switzerland, install shims on new boots to help customers prevent pronation and find their outsides edges.

Any Activity (even standing and walking) can be helped!

by Eric Ward

All of our Shims, and 3D printed custom orthotics support the user in the ways listed above.

  • Prevention: Footwear should also be examined to ensure there is a proper fit. Second, footwear with a firm heel counter is often recommended for extra support and stability. Lastly, improperly fitting footwear can lead to additional problems in the foot and other parts of the body.

by Eric Ward

Our "Neutral Balance Point" Testing Technology 

Shows the Issue clearly!

Computerized Posture Analysis showing worse balance without a wedge!  Here the one footed balance task creates a wavy line during 10 seconds which represents quick side-to-side movements in an attempt to balance.

A 4.5 degree Foot Foundation Wedge allows the subject to balance MUCH better on one leg!  Here the graph shows much less side-to-side movement which represents MUCH better balance!  Take the balance test yourself!

Save your money time and health!

 Don't get expensive or cheap orthotics that don't treat the root of the problem. Other orthotics correct issues at the arch of the foot which is counter productive and actually ends up doing more damage to performance and comfort. 

  • Prevent costly doctors visits
  • Prevent painful surgeries 

Prevention is key!!  Balance and alignment are crucial to prevent injuries and ailments stemming all the way from the ankles up to the shoulders. 

Custom 3D orthotic being printed with the exact degree of pronation/supination correction for your specific activity.

Our 3D printed custom orthotic  

If you have feet?

  • Chances are you have a problem
  • 90% of people pronate and supinate

  • Most people don't realize they have a foot problem

  • This problem is super easy to fix

  • "Arch supports" don't solve the problem!  

  • Most people are painfully aware of their foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain symptoms...

  • However pronation and supination are often the cause of these problems!

 Do not limit your ability or performance in any area of your work, life or play.

 Cost effective 


Watch the difference biking ---

Pedaling on a stationary bike before using shims and After.  The results are very clear.  Notice the internal rotation of the knee during pedaling.  

Simply using our shims you can see the results are clear and powerful! 

Only 10% of people are Alignment = NEUTRAL!

drawing of neutral versus over and under pronation

Neutral feet are happy feet , achieve happiness through measurement!

  • Fewer injuries
  • Less fatigue
  • More power with less effort
  • Less joint pain
  • More comfort

55% pronate moderately

  •   Less injury
  • Moderate fatigue
  • Moderate power moderate effort

35% pronate excessively

  • No power
  • Tons of effort

Footfoundation's patented Single leg measurement method is critical to solving the pronation/supination puzzle

  • less than 5% of people pronate symmetrically
  • Footfoundation's products solve the asymmetry problem
  • No two foot-beds should ever be identical 

No two feet are created equal

Bottom line of the patented Footfoundation's process is unique and disruptive to the industry by creating symmetrically neutral feet for your work, life and play

How it Works                         Why you NEED

We FIX Pronation!

  • We provide a pronation measuring, and mitigating program.
  • Like prescription glasses focus your vision, our system brings focus to your balance.

  • It quantifies pronation and puts your foot into a functional range of motion.

  • The end result is that the user has a neutral foot for any sport.

  • Most world class athletes enjoy a neutral foot from birth.

  • Most severely pronated people injure themselves over time because of over use issues as well as the collapsing of the foot structure.

Misalignment is costly...

  • Because pronation is a twisting of the foot, all of the muscles and tendons that run from the leg and ankle into the foot will be twisted.
  • If left untreated the muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue structures that hold the bones together at the joints become looser than normal and may lead to: fallen and painful arches, shin splints, Achilles Tendonitis, generalized tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, pain in the ball of the foot, heel spurs, hammertoes, fatigue, muscle aches and pains, cramps, frequent ankle sprains, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, and reduced muscle efficiency (endurance and strength).

CRUCIAL for standing, walking or running!

We sell BALANCE!!! The keystone to a sustainable lifestyle on and off your field of play.

Any Activity (even standing and walking) can be helped!

Benefits of Foot Foundation for WORKING OUT

WORKING OUT - Deadlift, squat, press, lunge, jerk, pistol, thruster, AMRAP. You know exactly what the meaning of a high intensity workout means when these demanding maneuvers become a part of your daily routine or WOD. Fitness is built upon the principles of coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance, while SBS ensures these principles are optimized, regardless of the athlete. READ MORE

Foot Foundation for SKIING

SKIING - The SBS system is front-end alignment for your feet, making your body symmetrical with your equipment. No matter if you are an advanced or beginner skier, carving will never feel so easy. With proper balance you will start working with your skis and not against them. READ MORE

Foot Foundation for SKIING

SKATING - The SBS system is front-end alignment for your feet, making your body symmetrical with your equipment. No matter if you are an advanced or beginner figure skater or hockey player, holding good edges will be easier! Spinning and jumping in figure skates requires excellent body alignment beyond that required in many other sports. With proper balance afforded by Foot Foundation, you will start working with your skates and not against them. READ MORE

Foot Foundation for ENDURANCE SPORTS

ENDURANCE SPORTS - If you are in the habit of spending time balancing on one foot at the time, the SBS system is the key to you thoroughly enjoying this time. The SBS technology can provide the most effective position for your foot to be in while gliding on concrete, snow or ice. READ MORE

Foot Foundation for BIKING

BIKING AND SPINNING - With the perfect alignment from the hip to the pedal, the knee will track straighter, the ankle will spin more freely. Hill climbs will melt away and pushing the big cookie will never feel so easy. The dynamic Neutral positioning process is the best friend of "The Spin" READ MORE

Foot Foundation for GOLF

GOLFING - Shifting body weight from foot to foot may seem simple, but it requires individual leg balance and proper body alignment for a smooth transition. the SBS sole is customized for each leg, giving you complete control for a smooth, accurate and powerful swing every time. READ MORE

We help snowboarders TOO!

Everyone knows that sloppy fitting boots equate to an uncomfortable and frustrating day on the mountain.

  • Our Insole shims work by filling the excess space in your boot with the support needed to correct your pronation or supination issue, giving you the perfect fit and more control of the board.
  • There's no question the right pair of snowboard boots can do wonders for your riding, however even the best pair of boots can be further improved with the addition of a custom foot bed?
  • 97 percent of peoples feet can benefit from our custom insole shims giving them the control and stability they need to more efficiently make corrections while on the mountain.


Thank God I found Eric Ward and SBS. I have a heavy feet pronation that not only made my skiing inefficient and tiring but also really painful. I tried the SBS shins and my ski vacation became a real pleasure. I am no longer in pain and my skiing is smoother, specially using my inner edges. Eric also did some work on my boots to accommodate my awkward feet and now it feels more a glove than a boot! I bought some shins for golfing, running and hiking, they helped me cure a deep pain in my left heel and I have to say I feel out of balance when I am not using them. Thanks a lot The Foot Foundation, you really made my life easier        Memo Lanusse - Entrepreneur

In my career as a full cert professional ski instructor and a professional yoga teacher, I always recommend the foot foundation's products for alignment. Eric changed my experience on skis. His alignment allowed me to use all my feet, therefore I can use all the muscles in my legs, and be a lot more efficient with my whole body. Before I would strain certain muscles, the one I used the most and make those that I didn't more and more lazy, creating more and more unbalance in my body. Arranging the way I step on my feet, not only improved consistently my skiing, but also changed my whole experienced of it, enjoying , flowing on my skis instead of straining to get to my other turn. Things that I couldn't do naturally before. That's why I recommend this product, not only to my clients that ski, but also to those who practice any other sports, and also to those who suffer pain in the body. Ex: back, hip, feet pain....To help the body get a better alignment.              Val Delger - PSIA Full Cert, Ashatnga & Iyengar Yoga teacher

I've been lucky to meet Eric and to be able to test the SBS System. I've realized that its a very innovative and professional one, fundamentally focused on each athlete's needs.

HernĂ¡n "Tito" Franco - AADIDES Ski Intructor. 21 years teaching in the US, Europe and South America - SKIMAX Director, Bariloche, Argentina.

Changing the world, by teaching the others how feet work - one foot at at time...

-Eric Ward

Eric Ward

Founder of the Foot Foundation, 20+ years in developing dynamic foot measurement process.  30 + years as professional ski instructor and alpine coach.18 years as a staff trainer with ski and snowboard schools of aspen, PSIA III, USSCA II. With a BA, Business Economics, Ski Industries program degree from University of Maine.

Alex Clark

Marketing with social media and website design, skier, martial artist, cyclist/mountain biker, runner, weight lifter, health and fitness nut with B.A. concentrating in entrepreneurship and health promotion from Oklahoma State University.

Keith Clark, MD, PhD

An Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, treating balance disorders, with PhD in physiology, as well as life long Skier and competitive figure skater, who has a unique background for his role as Director of Research and Development.  He is the 2016 US Figure Skating - Adult Nationals Men's 55-65 yo Bronze Freestyle Silver Medalist and Keith and his dance partner, Cindy Tipton, are the 2018 AN Pre-Gold Ice Dance GOLD medalists!