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WORK outs- Deadlift, squat, press, lunge, jerk, pistol, thruster, AMRAP. You know exactly what the meaning of a high intensity workout means when these demanding maneuvers become a part of your daily routine or WOD. Fitness is built upon the principles of coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. Ground Reaction Force REDUCTION Technology ensures these principles are optimized, regardless of the athlete. 

Ground Reaction Force REDUCTION Technology was designed with the most aggressive of athletes in mind. Athletes looking to make the most out of their workout experience, and gain the upper edge to their competition. 

  • Humans are bipedal, so when any load-bearing maneuvers require either one or both feet, the athlete is a slave to the foundation of which they are given. That foundation, being the platform that dictates all movement, is a crucial factor of consideration when the athlete must perform compounding load-bearing functional movements.

Why is a foundation important for performance?

Here's why: Not all bodies are created equal, and while muscles and tissues remain ever changing, skeletal geometry never fluctuates. Skeletal geometry is the fundamental difference between a good athlete and a better athlete. Bones are like building blocks, or legos for athletes; how and where they stack up will determine load capacity, while the muscles will determine load expectancy. A solid workout regimen is a great way to aid the muscles to alleviate symptoms of imperfect skeletal geometry, essentially replacing muscles where ideally bones are located through muscle growth. Though muscular reinforcement doesn’t change the fact that some muscle recruitment is required to make up for any lack of stability or imperfect design, subtracting from the athletes maximum output. If only there was a tool to measure and correct poor skeletal alignment. If there was such a tool for skeletal correction 100% of the required effort would be transferred through the movement of choice...

Welcome to the Foot Foundation, a company built around an entirely unique approach to providing athletes of all types with the same advantage of gifted, natural born world-class athletes. Functional Capacity is optimized when the foundation is strongest, the same concept that determines how strong a building stands at the end of the day. Ground Reaction Force REDUCTION Technology will only leave you standing, squatting, lunging, lifting, jumping, and running, stronger than ever before.