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Kim Roberts Full time Professional Skier and Downhill Biker.

Kim Roberts explains how Foot Foundation helped her stay on her feet, and not loose time at work, avoided surgery and medications.

Skiing with Foot Foundation

Skiing-snow boarding - skate boarding

SKIING - Ground Reaction Force Suppression Technology is simply front-end alignment for your feet, making the body symmetric, and neutral with your equipment. No matter if you are an advanced or beginner skier, carving will never feel so easy. Proper balance will enable you to start working with your skis and not against them.

Stop pronating and Start carving!!

Skiing is where Ground Reaction Force™ Suppression Technology was born.

Example: One way to correct pronation for alpine sports and skating is to install shims between your feet and the boot. Shims are a counter pronation device and are used by most of the world's top skaters and snowboarders. Not only racers use shims to improve performance. Many skate shops, particularly in Switzerland, install shims in new boots to help customers prevent pronation activating their outsides edges when skiing.

  • Balance not just for aft, but side to side, and foot to foot. Each foot individually controls two independent platforms sliding over snow very quickly at times.

Balance analogy: Imagine trying to ride two motor cycles at the same time. while standing up, going down a mountain, on snow. Each foot would need to be able to do a lot in a short amount of time inter-dependently.

  • Being able to measure Neutral Balance Point, is the easiest way to predict who will reach the next level in performance.

Ask a good skier if their boots hurt. Often they are happy with the comfort of their boots. Most accomplished skiers don't have a large pronation issue.

BOOT PAIN: Ski boots are notorious for being painful and remain one of the most prevalent reasons why people quit skiing.

Ask someone that is in the terminal intermediate group if they often suffer from any foot ailments, ailments include: Cold/numb/painful toes, arch cramping, burning, sore, tired feet. painful ankles, pain on the outside of the foot, flat feet, poor ski performance, or asymmetric ski performance.

WHY? Often these people are literally suffering with a large amount of pronation in one, or both feet.

Ski technology demands that our feet be as neutral inside our boot as possible. Naturally successful skiers who are born with very little pronation and end up not getting stuck at the intermediate levels.

Skis are symmetric! Just as your feet should be!!

Ground Reaction Force™ REDUCTION Technology is the first alignment process that works specifically with, shaped skis, skiing powered, carving in the corduroy, in the moguls, and work in rental boots. Rental shop boot alignment is finally available. Get measured

We help snowboarders!

Everyone knows that sloppy fitting boots equate to an uncomfortable and frustrating day on the mountain.

  • Our foundations and 3D printed orthosis work by filling the excess space in your boot with the support needed to change your pronation or supination issue, giving you the perfect fit to control your board more effectively.
  • There's no question the right pair of snowboard boots can do wonders for your riding.
  • However even the best pair of boots can be further improved upon with the addition of our 3D printed Orthosis.

  • 90% percent of feet can benefit from our custom angled foundations, giving your feet the control and stability they need to more efficiently make corrections on the mountain.

Skate Boarding -Testimonials

"This was the feed back from a bunch of skate boarders that I worked with at a downhill long board event at pikes peak."
-Eric Ward

“Instantly noticing more turn from front foot more grip from the back leg. Less effort is required to turn. Response is amazing and my worry about leg fatigue gone down. Helps me focus on technique more than falling off my board.

-Richard DeBellevue
Right 4.5 Left 2.5

is a boo med-student. Was floored by program. Showed up using a cane with a broken foot. Immediately after putting wedge in cane gone and limp evaporated. We will be working with him on some testing programs

-Tom Watson

"Been missing out for too long! found a much more harmonic relationship between myself and the ground. Thank you! You are a legend to be. regular foot left forward Just skated my first run…was expecting less grip later in the day a hotter road…NOT!! significantly more grip.

-Ryan Ricker

L 2.5 R 2.5

Solid. grounded. Connection
Those are the key things I noticed. Even standing flat ground I feel more in alignment. no pronation Relaxed. Not gripping with toes. Makes already snug shoes more snug.

-Kevin Cooper