Endurance Sports
Brought to you by Eric Ward of Foot Foundation


ENDURANCE SPORTS - If you are in the habit of spending time balancing on one foot at a time, the neutral balance system is the key to enjoying this time.Ground Reaction Force™ REDUCTION Technology can provide the most effective position for your foot.

Tri-athalons, bi-athalons, cycling, Iron mans, marathons all make huge demands of the feet.

Now the coolest thing about Foot Foundation is that we have different solutions for different activities. Cycling and running have very little to do with one another. Except we use our feet in both. However how our feet work in these two sports, could not be more different.

One cookie cutter solution for both could become a major problem waiting to happen after miles and miles of pounding, or spinning. So when on a bike and getting your fit kit on.

This is a moment where we are in a Spin, or spinning with our feet to crank out the Amps. Our solution for asymmetric balance in running is unique to us and will simply blow your mind!!!

Measure your Neutral Balance-Point and become better! Get tested by Ground Reaction Force™ REDUCTION Technology!

Cyclist describing theNeutral Balance-Point effect

Cycling creates potentially harmful stresses on the knees without Ground Reaction Force™ REDUCTION Technology foundations installed in your cycling shoes.

Listen to the reaction of this gentleman who was so happy to feel the benefits!

With the perfect alignment from the hip to the pedal, the knee will track straighter, the ankle will spin more freely. Hill climbs will melt away and pushing the big cookie will never feel so easy. The dynamic Neutral positioning process is the best friend of "The Spin".