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Changing the conversation for FIGURE SKATERS

It is not about arches or arch support!!

STOP moving the blade away from a near mid line mounting position.

It is about aligning the tripod of the foot!

Tripod alignment of the foot corrects ankle mal-alignment - G-TAK alignment™ means knees-hips-shoulders-nose over TOES.

G-TAK Alignment™ creates proper ankle alignment to allow skaters to use both the inside and outside edge with ease. Watch for skaters who have trouble getting comfortably on an outside edge. The temptation in the past was to move the blade more inside. G-TAK Alignment™ will facilitate edges, turns, take-offs and landings, spins, twizzles, etc! We have seen it happen time and time again!

Figure Skating Testing Kit

SKATING - Ground Reaction Force™ REDUCTION Technology is simply "front-end alignment for your ankles", making your feet neutral and symmetric for "knees, hips, and nose over toes.". It makes any skate, with any blade, or wheels work the way it was designed to work. No matter if you are an advanced or beginner figure skater or hockey player, holding strong edges will be easier! Spinning and jumping in figure skates requires excellent body alignment beyond that required in many other sports. With proper balance afforded by Foot Foundation, you will start working with your skates and not against them.

  • All skating sports require a high degree of edge control. Feel the difference if you play hockey, ride roller blades, speed skate, or figure skate!

  • Coaches and skaters alike have been in the dark about why some people have so much trouble with certain skills like outside Mohawks, Twizzles, or even holding an edge at speed.
  • You too could be a much better skater with more power and control with this very simple pronation neutralizing system.

Stop compensating by moving the blade mount
, lifting a hip, or "getting over the skating leg." It may not be your fault that you or your students are having difficulties. Get the foot straight inside the boot and all your moves will begin from neutral. Take the simple balance test and find out. It could change your skating life!


This 9 year old figure skater has been plagued with problems skating on outside edges. We discovered that her blade was mounted as far INSIDE as possible to allow her to somewhat improve her spins and edges. But it really never worked well! We requested that when she got new boots, that the old boots get stretched and the blade center mounted so we could see what happened. The difficulty of her skating was obvious with the center mount as soon as she took to the ice. Within 4 strokes, she realized that she could not skate.

We then measured her with the Self Testing Kit, available on this website, and found that she struggled to balance on one foot. With a 3 degree ankle alignment correction she could balance much better. So we fitted her with a 3 degree Neutral Balance Wedge with the SAME center mount. Here is her reaction to skating with the Neutral Balance Wedge in her skate! This experience is being repeated with coaches and students around the country. Sometimes when a student says "I can't" it is because they really cannot do it due to their ankle and foot anatomy. This problem can be easy to measure and easy to correct with this patented system. Get the Testing Kit and help your students say "I can!" Get the Self-Testing Kit if you want to test various degrees in skates or shoes before ordering the final version. Ground Reaction Force™ REDUCTION Technology!

Self Testing KitTesting Kit