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My left knee was "scoped" (cartilage smoothing) in early 2016 - the surgeon stated "had the MRI revealed what he found during the procedure, he would have REPLACED the knee - he further stated I might get as much as three-years before having to have it replaced."  While the knee has both good and bad days, a problem with my left heel came to the forefront in late 2017 - was x-rayed and told I have acute Plantar Fasciitis - I started wearing a cup and the pain subsided.

Keith was at the house in late April and we did the "one foot balance" procedure - found I was stable with 5-degrees on the left, 1.5-degrees on the right.  The foundations came in a day or so later - I've been wearing them constantly for the last 60-days.  Early on I stopped the heel-cup - don't need it now.  Heel pain is gone and my left knee feels like a normal knee.  While I'm in an office environment 40-hours, on the weekends I'm on my feet in a shop with concrete floor - I no longer have the intense "burning feet" sensation I had prior to using the insoles.  To my thinking the jury is 95% in - these things are great.

John Tisdale - Wood-turner

Thank God I found Eric Ward and SBS. I have a heavy feet pronation that not only made my skiing inefficient and tiring but also really painful. I tried the SBS shins and my ski vacation became a real pleasure. I am no longer in pain and my skiing is smoother, specially using my inner edges. Eric also did some work on my boots to accommodate my awkward feet and now it feels more a glove than a boot! I bought some shins for golfing, running and hiking, they helped me cure a deep pain in my left heel and I have to say I feel out of balance when I am not using them. Thanks a lot The Foot Foundation, you really made my life easier 

Memo Lanusse - Entrepreneur

In my career as a full cert professional ski instructor and a professional yoga teacher, I always recommend the foot foundation's products for alignment. Eric changed my experience on skis. His alignment allowed me to use all my feet, therefore I can use all the muscles in my legs, and be a lot more efficient with my whole body. Before I would strain certain muscles, the one I used the most and make those that I didn't more and more lazy, creating more and more unbalance in my body. Arranging the way I step on my feet, not only improved consistently my skiing, but also changed my whole experienced of it, enjoying , flowing on my skis instead of straining to get to my other turn. Things that I couldn't do naturally before. That's why I recommend this product, not only to my clients that ski, but also to those who practice any other sports, and also to those who suffer pain in the body. Ex: back, hip, feet pain....To help the body get a better alignment. 

Val Delger - PSIA Full Cert, Ashatnga & Iyengar Yoga teacher 

I've been lucky to meet Eric and to be able to test the SBS System. I've realized that its a very innovative and professional one, fundamentally focused on each athlete's needs.

Hernán "Tito" Franco - AADIDES Ski Intructor. 21 years teaching in the US, Europe and South America - SKIMAX Director, Bariloche, Argentina.

Product Review

The Foot Foundation “Intelligence for your feet”. This weeks product review spotlights company  Founder: Eric Ward, a regular in the ski industry, residing in Aspen, Colorado. Ward introduced the product initially within the ski industry, but quickly realised its use across the board for the majority of physical and  fitness related activities.


I met with Ward to understand The Foot Foundation a little better. With him, he brought product samples for me to try out. With a few quick one legged squats, on and off the product, I could immediately notice a difference in balance and stability.


Once you find the right angle of insole to balance you correctly, suddenly you notice all the muscles that were working so hard to keep you balanced, are at ease! This energy that was formally being focused towards keeping you balanced, can now be redirected and prioritized towards your physical activity at hand.


These angled insoles were created to correct a number of problems active people may or may not know they’re struggling with. Pronation/Supination of the knees, symmetrical alignment, or finding a neutral position.


Pronation; is a structural collapsing of the bones within the foot. It happens when the muscles are not firing. THere is a structural bias that lives in the foot and like the leaning tower, even if you fix it, it will always want to fall over towards the big toe side of the foot.


Supination; is a muscular recovery. Because of the foot's structural bias, which causes it to constantly fall inwards. There exists an equal and opposite muscular bias to match. The muscle groups that pull the foot outward are Anterior Tibialis, Posterior Tibialis, primarily. Those gripping toes, and cramping arches also your foot fighting to stay in position. All working together to hold the foot from falling inwards but the moment muscles stop working, the structure immediately collapses again.


Perhaps one of the best features of the product is its customizability. Activities vary in the usefulness of pronation, for example, if you are an avid biker- finding a neutral position with the least pronation would be most beneficial. The angle you select for biking would vary for the angle you choose for running, since running requires a little more give. 


I’m excited to field test these insoles with the variety of sports I participate in. If after reading this, you have a desire to see where your balance and stability could stand to be corrected, I encourage you to check out The Foot Foundation website. Ward has an easy starter kit available online that still allows the consumer to measure the pronation and get fitted correctly.

Hey Eric,

           I got your footbeds at Loveland on Sunday, and spent a couple of hours at home double checking them with my existing footbeds and liners and installing them in my boots.I finally got to ski on them for the first time yesterday, and I’m pretty amazed at the difference the 4.5 and 3 make in my skiing. I’m finding that my railroad tracks are a lot easier, it seems easier to keep my feet hip width apart (I’ve always skied with them very wide), and one of the other instructors observed that I wasn’t picking up my foot (which was a habit I thought I’d cured) like I did last weekend. 


Hey Eric, 

    I apologize for the long delay I've been working my ass off this summer. I'm living on an island in Maine...it's good fun but much much different than Boulder. Anyways I wanted to thank you for hooking it up with the arch-less insert this past spring I literally wear it everyday. It gets me through long days on my feet and gives me confidence while skateboarding. I hope I can still help you get in touch with someone in the lacrosse world because I believe these inserts could really help all athletes. Just wanted to touch base- hope you have a great day. 



Sorry for the delay getting this to you! Since i got my foot beds, I've trained for a marathon and ran close to 2000 miles on the trails around Aspen. Ive felt very stable and balanced and quickly forgot I was wearing them. I do over pronate quite a bit, and these foot beds have helped to off set that, resulting in a more even wear on my shoe treads & feeling significantly less strain with IT band issues than before. Running involves 10's of thousands of strides and even the smallest imbalance  can have a big impact over so many repetitions - I'd recommend getting your balance/cadence checked out, even a small correction can have a big impact!

Regards, Jeff


I found your website by doing a search of the name on my shoe inserts because my niece, Tresa Mauric, is having problems with her feet rolling which is causing body pain, and I thought your inserts might help her. Quite a while ago, I think about 2006, you had a vendor booth at the U.S. National Roller Figure Skating Championships. My son, Chris, was on their US  World Team every year from 2000-2007 in spite of his pigeon toed feet; roller skating was actually started for him in 1st grade from an orthopedic doctor's recommendation to correct that positioning. I was in a near-fatal car accident in 2003 that left me with a crushed pelvis that made competitive figure skating (especially figure events) very difficult afterwards because my left leg is now longer than my right leg and doesn't balance the same. (I had won Novice Ladies Figures at the 2000  National Championships.)   
When your rep at the championships learned of our background and physical challenges and how much we liked the inserts we tried after being "fitted", he gave us each 2 pairs (one for shoes, one for our skates) if we agreed to tell others about them and you could use Chris' name as a World Team member as an example and supporter. I remember talking with many youth and adult skaters who purchased inserts from you there after talking with us!  

I just wanted to let you know how much I STILL use and love your balance inserts! (They say "patent pending" beneath the name on mine.) They helped me survive long days of standing on my feet to teach middle school English, walk long distances, and still win at the Southeastern Regional Championships to qualify for the National Championships. (I'm now 56, retired from full-time teaching, a Nerium Brand Partner, and still skate competitively. Chris is now 34 & retired from skating after the 2007 World Championships, was in the US Air Force for 8 years, is married with 2 kids, and now works cyber  security for a Navy contractor in Norfolk.) 

I've given your web link to my niece (Tresa Mauric from Michigan), so you will probably be hearing from her. I hope you will  be able to help her as much as you've helped Chris and me.  I'm glad to know you are still in business!

Lynda Fairman

These are from firefighters that tried them out.


     I have been using them in my tennis shoes only. I have noticed a difference in my knees they do not hurt as much. I still need to be carefully with my squats, but they allow me to keep my form so I am successful. I have not suffered any injures at all, but the majority of the time I wear my tennis shoes. I really like them. Truly beleive they are game changers. Going to order additional as i rotate between work and home for 4 days. Would love to have my kids fitted this summer when home. No injuries suffered with.....and much less strain when in my shoes. Hope this helps! So I only had 1 insert in my right shoe. I have been using it in my shoes that I wear daily. While wearing it I have not experienced as much "runner's knee" as I normally do. I have recently demolished those shoes due to work around my house and have been wearing a different pair of shoes. Since I've made the switch I've immediately started to experience the "runner's knee" again. I have not injured myself wearing them or before, other than normal wear and tear. But normal wear and tear for me did cause me to have my knee scoped at the age of 26 (I'm now 31).   I installed a set of inserts into my duty work boots. They seem to have helped mitigate the knee pain I was experiencing. 


     The biggest change I have noticed since using the insoles is how much better my feet feel at the end of the day. Before I started using the insoles the out side of my feet would hurt at the end of my day and I couldn't wait to take off my work boots. Now, my feet do not feel sore at the end of the day because of the support the insoles have provided. Also, I typically go through a pair of shoes quickly because I wear down the soles on the outside of my shoes and they become uneven and uncomfortable. The insoles help me get more miles out of my footwear because I no longer have uneven wear on the soles of my shoes. As you can imagine I am on my feet the majority of the day and these insoles have helped my feet feel better throughout the day and at the end of my shift. I know most of the other guys who use the insoles are out at training, so I don't see them that often, but when I run into them I will then know you are looking for feedback.my sizes are L 4 1/2 R 3 1/2Thanks again, I have really enjoyed the insoles.

Ryan Kliewer


I met you a while back at a CrossFit competition in Glenwood Springs Colorado for the Summer Team Challenge. During the course of our conversation we determined I am an over-pronator, but not extreme. With only 2 degrees in my left and 2.5 degrees in my right, not a huge deal. During our course of our conversation we discussed the fact I work for a Sheriff's Office here in Colorado (Mesa County) and am also on the MCSO SWAT Team. You offered me a free pair of inserts to test for you with the promise of feed back. Here it is! I wore your inserts initially in my CrossFit shoes just to see if this was for real or if it would wear off like a magnetic bracelet thingy (no offense to the makers of magnetic bracelets intended). After wearing them for a week, I took them out. I worked out once without them...I put them right back in. I did not think that a matter of two degrees would make a huge difference. It does, at least for me. I went to the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) conference this year in Salt Lake City were I attended the four day Advanced Tactical Carbine Course. This course was rifle intensive and I was on my feet for most of the day, every day. Normally I would be exceptionally sore by the end of two days of being in full SWAT gear and on a hot asphalt, concrete, or gravel surfaced range. Day three came and went and day four I was still going strong. Moving, standing, up, down, kneeling... my knees were not sore, my back was not sore. I am impressed. Bottom Line: Yes, they work. Yes, a foundation matters. You asked me specifically to pay attention to my "shooting stance". This is one of the fundamentals of marksmanship and a good shooting platform starts from the bottom up. While I can not give you specific feedback saying I am better shooter because of your product I can stress the importance of having a good foundation and I know your insoles help provide me with a solid foundation no matter if I am behind a rifle or not. I have continued to use your product and will continue to use them until they wear out or I get new boots. Per our conversation, and our agreement, YES, please use my comments as you see fit.


 County Sheriff's Office