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Our Computerized "Ground Reaction Force™ " Spectral Analysis

Shows the Issue clearly!

Computerized GRF™ Spectral Analysis showing worse balance, without a Ground ReactionForce™  foundation!  Here the one footed balance task creates a very wavy line during 10 second test which represents quick side-to-side movements in an attempt to balance.  Every time the blue crosses the red thats the foot switching from pronation to supination, back and forth.  in this test it has 17 nodes where that happened.  

A 4.5 degree Ground Reaction Force™ Neutralizing foundation, clearly allowing the subject to balance MUCH better on one leg!  Here the graph shows much less side-to-side actions, which represents MUCH better balance! The lower numbers indicate lower muscular effort overall.  This leg now shows Zero G-TAK Alignment™ .  In this test there are only 2 nodes over the same 10 seconds. Take the balance test yourself! 

                       Only 10% of people have Zero G-TAK Alignment™ !

drawing of neutral versus over and under pronation

Neutral feet,  are most often happier feet , and their owners report!

  • Fewer injuries
  • Less fatigue 
  • More power with less effort
  • Less joint pain symptoms
  • More overall comfort

55% pronate moderately

  •  Report Injuries more frequently
  • Moderate asymmetric fatigue symptoms
  • Moderate power moderate effort 

35% pronate excessively 

  • Chronic repetitive injuries 
  • Vague non operable pain
  • Quick to fatigue
  • Limited accuracy of moment
  • Limited agility
  • No power
  • Tons of effort