About Us

Foot Foundation
Changing the world, by understanding how feet and ankles work - one leg at at time...

Making elites athletes even better - making weekend warriors more like elite athletes - all with less pain - less fatigue - but with more power when and where they need it!

Eric Ward: Founder of the Foot Foundation, 18 years experience in corrective foot measures, 20 + years as professional ski instructor and alpine coach and 14 years as a staff trainer with ski and snowboard schools of aspen, PSIA III, USSCA II. With a BA, Business Economics, Ski industries program degree from University of Maine.

Keith Clark
: MD, PhD. as an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, treating balance disorders, with PhD in physiology, as well as life long Skier and competitive figure skater, has a unique background for his role as Director of Research and Development.

Alex Clark: Marketing with social media and website design, skier, martial artist, cyclist/mountain biker, runner, Weight lifter, health and fitness nut with B.A. concentrating in entrepreneurship and health promotion from Oklahoma State University.

We sell BALANCE!!! The keystone to a sustainable lifestyle on and off your field of play.