Ground Force Reaction Technology
All the different ways Ground Reaction Force REDUCTION Technology can help you with pain at work, life, and play.

Any Activity (even standing and walking) or SPORT can be helped!

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Bottom line

  • BALANCE AND ALIGNMENT ARE CRUCIAL TO PREVENT OVER USE INJURIES! Most People don't connect the aches and pains in the feet, ankles, knees and hips to a problem that could be coming from the the forces (Ground Reaction Force) that travel up AND DOWN through the body due simply to mis-alignment of the foot tripod.
  • The patented, Foot Foundation process, is completely unique, and makes it a very disruptive, emerging technology. The first Ground Reaction Force Symmetry focused technology. We create a symmetric, neutral Ground Reaction Force for any foot at work, life, and play!  Work - standing or walking  Life - pain, fatigue, stress   Play - running, jumping, skating, boarding, skiing, biking, golf...
  • HOW is this done?  NOT THROUGH ARCH SUPPORT.  We ALIGN the Ground - Triopod - Ankle - Knee AXIS which we call G-TAK Alignment.   This done by our patented  process and reduces the kinectic energy in the leg used to balance.  That energy is represented by the GRF# showing more energy or movement to balance when this # is high and relaxed, more efficient balance when the GRF# is low.   Our computerized GRF Spectral Analysis is a method to quantify the effects G-TAK alignment on kinetic energy reduction during one-footed balance.
  • The greatest reward of this process is COMFORT. Your feet will potentially feel better with less strain on you feet and legs.

How it Works - Why you NEED it now - When it matters most

Neutralize Ground Reaction Force (GRF)!

  • We provide a patented GRF measuring, protocol.
  • Like prescription glasses focus your vision, our system brings illusive Ground Reaction Force into an angular focus.

  • It quantifies the Ground Reaction Force movements and puts your foot into its most functional range of motion relative to the flat ground.  Your G-TAK Axis becomes ALIGNED.

  • The end result is that the user has a neutral foot for any sport, day to day use, and any standing activities.

  • Most world class athletes enjoy a functionally neutral foot from birth.

  • Most severely biased feet end up injuring their owners over time magnifying the symptoms of over use symptoms caused by the natural foot tripod biases.

Misalignment is costly...

  • Pronation is a structural inward collapse of the foot. Causing your reactions to the flat world to be biased. Requiring certain muscles to intervene and control this collapsing structure. All these muscles tendons that run from the leg and ankle into the foot to be hyper-tense.
  • Usually left untreated by ordinary orthotics and foot beds, the muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue structures that hold the bones together at the joints become inflamed, and overused. The usual litany of symptoms follow: fallen and arches, shin splints, Achilles Tendonitis, generalized tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ball of the foot, heel spurs, hammertoes, muscle fatigue, muscle aches, vague pain, cramps, frequent ankle sprains, knee, hip, lower back, and reduced muscle efficiency.
  • Obviously, endurance, accuracy, and strength are the first to feel the results of a biased ground reaction force (GRF).

Whether you stand, walk, run, or ride G-TAK Alignment will level the playing field.  And our Digital Ground Reaction Force Spectrum will prove that you are more relaxed and efficient on one foot.

If you have feet,

You probably have a foot problem!

You Probably need G-TAK Alignment

  • Most people don't realize they have this normal foot problem!

  • Over 90% of people pronate and supinate moderately or excessively. Creating a biased ground reaction force.

  • This problem is  easy to measure and fix with GRF Testing either manually or with our Digital system and  G-TAK Alignment.

We sell BALANCE!!! The keystone to a sustainable lifestyle on and off your field of play.

  • "Arch supports" simply don't solve the problem!

  • Most people become painfully aware of their, ankle, knee, hip or back symptoms...

  • BUT most don't connect GROUND REACTION FORCE of pronation and supination, as the root cause of these problems! Our Computerized GRF Analyzer can test you and  G-TAK Alignment can fix these issues.


There are 3 times a day that you need Foot Foundations...


Cost effective & more Comfortable

Because life is one footed, Foot foundation's patented Single leg measurement method, mimics life's most demanding moments. It is absolutely critical to bring the Ground Reaction Force producing compensatory pronation/supination movements into balance.

  • less than 5% of people react symmetrically
  • Foot Foundation's product line puts the asymmetry problem a thing of the past through G-TAK Alignment.
  • Every foot-bed ever made is are identical. No two feet are exactly the same. which is why less than 5% of the time our solutions are the same for both feet.

Save your money, time and health!

Don't waste time or money on expensive or cheap "arch support". Arch supports! That just don't addresses the root problem. Most orthotics focus on arch of the foot, which is counter-productive to dynamic balance. Testing has proven that arch supports can cost you more balance than they improve, causing more problems with performance and comfort in the end.  G-TAK Alignment is the critical issue

  • It is possible to start feeling better now!
  • It is possible to prevent costly surgeries!

Figure Skaters can for example, edge, spin, turn, jump and land better!

Listen to this skater describe how she felt after using the FootFoundation Ground Reaction Force Neutralizing Foundations in her skates during a practice session at Adult Nationals (AN) recently in Marlborough, Mass!

We had great success at Adult Nationals discovering so many skaters attending the competition who balanced better through G-TAK Alignment!!

Watch the difference biking ---

Pedaling on a stationary bike before and after brings the problem into clear focus using Ground Reaction Force Neutralizing foundations. The results are clear! Notice the internal rotation of the knees in the before video on the left. Notice the knees come into view when using the custom foundations on the right.  Now the G-TAK Axis is aligned and the knee travels in a more straight line up and down instead of moving in a circle.  This if more efficient and less stressful to the knees!

By simply using our custom angled foundations, you can see powerful results that are clear and concise!! 

G-TAK Alignment ROCKS

"Changing the world, by teaching the others how feet work - one foot at at time..."-Eric Ward

Eric Ward

Founder of the Foot Foundation, 20+ years in developing dynamic foot measurement process.  30 + years as professional ski instructor and alpine coach.18 years as a staff trainer with ski and snowboard schools of aspen, PSIA III, USSCA II. With a BA, Business Economics, Ski Industries program degree from University of Maine. 

Helping Eric

Eric is a master communicator and educator.   His concepts gleaned on the slopes of Snowmass are nothing short of ground-breaking!  Now we are here to help him SCALE-UP this technology!  We hope to apply the scientific approach with objective measures to answer some basic research questions and help spread the word- Keith Clark, MD, PhD

Alex Clark

Marketing with social media and website design, skier, martial artist, cyclist/mountain biker, runner, weight lifter, health and fitness nut with B.A. concentrating in entrepreneurship and health promotion from Oklahoma State University. 

Keith Clark, MD, PhD

 Director of Research and Development  Dr Clark is an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, treating balance disorders, with a PhD in physiology, as well as being a life long Skier and competitive figure skater.  He brings a unique background to his role.  He also is the 2016 US Figure Skating - Adult Nationals Men's 55-65 yo Bronze Freestyle Silver Medalist and Keith with his ice dance partner, Cindy Tipton, are the 2018 AN Pre-Gold Ice Dance GOLD medalists!