The program we are introducing in golf, is a pronation measuring, and mitigating program.  Like prescription glasses focus your vision, SBS brings focus to your balance.  It quantifies pronation and puts your foot into a functional range of motion.  The end result is that the user has a neutral foot for any sport.  Most world class athletes enjoy a neutral foot from birth. Most severely pronated people end up injuring themselves over time and over use because of the collapsing foot structure.  

golf program shims 
The symptoms of pronation are many.  But essentially the cost is balance.  
The FDA categorizes the SBS as a foot orthosis.  essentially like a wrist or elbow brace.  it supports a limb or joint.  It looks strange because there is no arch support but it is a foot support.  Like no other.  
I know the PGA has decided that wedges in shoes is agains the rule of creating an unnatural stance.  Well SBS almost always will be used with the high side under the big toe side of the foot.  In the past the wedges inquisition did the opposite to provide a stance that provided more power.  Well we are providing balance the power has to come from within.  
This product was not developed to aid in golf, it was developed initially for skiing. To help people ski better and have better balance.  So like skiing we are looking to improve basic fundamental balance in golf.  Pronation is how the foot collapses to the inside.  By providing a balanced position of the foot the end result is the same as an orthotic devise. 
I hope this helps get the conversation going.  I would love to come down and introduce this to whom ever is involved with the process to get this approved by the USGA. 
Thanks so much