This season in Aspensnowmass, the Beginner's Magic Program is including an alignment solution for first time skiers.  The Sports Balance System, the only alignment program available for first time skiers in rental boots, has been adopted by the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen.  When first time skiers find learning to ski painful and difficult, there is help available.  We can work with rental boots and get the foot working from inside the boot with the custom wedge program.  Instead of external wedges, we work with internal foot positioning system, that targets the key problem in people having difficulty learning to ski.  Pronation kills so many skiing experiences.  We target that directly with the wedge program. 
When an instructor sees that a guest is struggling, experiencing pain from rental boots, struggling to get to the next level. They can immediately bring them to the  Elk Camp Beginner Magic Rental shop, where rental staff have been trained to assist them with the Foot Foundation SBS beginner program.
So far the results have been very encouraging from both the rental shop side, as well as from ski pro reports. Everyone who has gone thru this process has felt immediate relief and an overall improved skiing experience. Hurray! with years of practice under our belts measuring pronation with more advanced skiers.  We have come up with a simple and easy way to help beginners.  If the student is severely pronated we simply provide a 3 degree reduction in how much they pronate quickly putting the foot into a more funcional place inside the boot.  Its not perfection but it makes skiing possible.  
If we can keep people skiing on the first day, we will make way more people love to ski.  Thats the game plan.