Golf balance shimsThe way your feet balance you, matters in Golf as well.  Golfing is a function of how well you balance, and the transfer of that balance, energy, and movement, from foot to foot.  Needless to say, but I will anyways, "symmetric pronation", and "functional pronation" matter, a lot.   If asymmetric pronation exists it will show up in either the back swing, impact, or follow through.  Balance affects driving, fairway shots, hitting from the rough, chipping, and putting.  Distance, and accuracy are also a function of balance or more specifically, exactly how much you pronate and supinate.  Which can easily be measured and brought into focus using the Sports Balance System, or SBS.  Balancing is an unconscious action even in golf.  More accurately, balancing is the result of equal and opposite counter actions and contractions of bones and muscles. These being based on decisions made by the brain unconsciously.  The more you relax the more athletic you can be.  When your unconscious compensations require less tension, then more of you is available to make conscious athletic movements.  This is the simple point of  SBS or Sports Balance System.  Done by measuring pronation.  The now relaxed muscles can be involved in athletic movements.  Balance just happens while we are thinking about other things like, the take away, stance angles, alignment, addressing the ball, set up, your grip, the swing plane, shot shaping, relaxation, yardage, swing thoughts, and the way you waggle.  We never dawns on people just how much we are paying attention, to the unconscious side.  Until you don't have to any more.  To stop thinking over the ball, get measured and quiet the unconscious side of you, so the conscious side can grip it and rip it.  Sports Balance System.  SBS get measured today.
Muscles fire unconsciously to create balance.  The problem, once they are being recruited for the fundamental task of standing you up.  They are no longer available to be recruited for athletic movements.  This fundamental functional tension that is a result of basic balance, is then a great predictor to exactly how athletic you may be.  If by using the best foot positioning device for your best most efficient balance.  For each foot individually, Then our basic net requirement for balance decreases.  When we can reduce the most basic requirements for balance to their most efficient point, athletic movements can improve by the same amount.  Its pure athletic profit.  I can't think of a better use of newly improved balance, than in Golf.