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Do it your self kit

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Take the self test to discover how well your feet work.

If you pronate or supinate you will find a position where balance is easy to find.

This unique process will guide you through a self discovery path to find your most efficient balance point.

Using simple to follow directions. Once you find your perfect balance then using the product provided you can easily build and install that exact position into In almost any shoe, for any sport or activity you like. Its fast easy and very powerful way to improve the quality of your work ,life or play.


SBS®, the Sports Balance System is a patented method to measure pronation dynamically.

The effect is like a "front end alignment for your feet".

Our unique measuring system places all the emphasis on how you balance dynamically on while on one foot. Balance is the key ingredient in standing, walking, running, riding and gliding, and directly affects the quality of your work, play and in life itself.

Kit includes:

  • 8 custom angle balance platforms
  • 2- .5 degree
  • 2- 1 degree
  • 2- 2 degree
  • 2- 3 degree

This will give you enough to measure and create any angle up to 6 degrees for each foot. Once you know your angles and can test them you can order custom product for all your shoes from the custom angles offered on this web site. Available in 3 different stiffnesses.

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