Ski improvments shims

Is where SBS, Sports Balance System was born. No other sport demands so much from our feet.

Balance not just for aft, but side to side, and foot to foot. Each foot individually controls two independent platforms sliding over snow very quickly at times. Imagine trying to ride two motor cycles at the same time. while standing up, going down a mountain, on snow. Each foot would need to be able to do a lot in a short amount of time independently of one another.

Being able to measure Pronation and supination, is the easiest way to predict who might, and might not, succeed.

Ski boots are notorious for being painful. One of the top reasons people quit skiing is because of painful ski boots. Ask a good skier if their boots hurt. Often they are happy. Most often accomplished skiers don't have a large pronation issues. Ask someone that is in the terminal intermediate group. They often suffer with any number of foot ailments. like Cold/numb/painful toes, arch cramping, burning, sore, tired feet. painful ankles, pain on the outside of the foot, flat feet, poor ski performance, or asymmetric ski performance.

Often these people are literally suffering with a large amount of pronation in one, or both feet.

The ski technology demands that our feet be as neutral inside the boot as possible. So the naturally successful skiers are born with very little pronation. Skis are symmetric our feet need to be symmetric, and functional, inside the shell for the skis to work effectively.

SBS is the first alignment process that works specifically with, shaped skis, skiing powered, carving in the corduroy, in the moguls, and work in rental boots. Rental shop boot alignment is finally available. Boots hurt? Get measured with SBS.